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Explore Nature’s Best: Top Hiking Trails in Anjou

Les 3 rivières près de Ô Gîte beu, Maison de charme avec pisicine chauffée, dans le maine et loire en France

Immerse yourself in the Natural Beauty of Anjou: Peaceful trails near Angers and a charming forest near the lodge invite you to experience outdoor adventures during your stay.

Explore Nature in Anjou:
Outdoor Activities During Your Stay

foret de chambier, activité de plein air à proximité de ô gite bleu

Chambiers Forest

Chambiers Forest extends its arms to lovers and fervent defenders of Nature. In addition to various trails and 2 ponds, the 197 hectares classified as a Nature Reserve are home to conifers, deciduous trees and other varied animals.

chemin de halage a le lion d'angers, activité de plein air à proximité de ô gite bleu


A 29.13 km bike route from Lion-d’Angers to Angers. A landscape of low valleys, among the most exceptional wet meadows in Europe, accompanies the hiker to the gates of the town of King René.

What to do in Anjou

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