General Conditions: This contract is reserved for the exclusive use of vacation rentals approved by Ô Gîte Bleu, and only French law is applicable to the contract.

General Provisions: The tenant may not, under any circumstances, claim any right to remain on the premises at the expiration of the initially planned rental period on this contract, unless agreed upon by the owner. No modifications (erasure, overwriting) will be accepted in the drafting of the contract without the agreement of both parties.

Payment: For unpaid reservations, the reservation will become effective as soon as the tenant has paid the deposit by bank transfer within 15 days following the reservation date. The balance of the rent will be paid on the day of your arrival, except in the case of payment by holiday checks. In this case, the balance must be paid one month before the arrival date.

Security Deposit: Beyond one night, the tenant pays a security deposit upon arrival in addition to the rent balance. It will be canceled within 15 days from the tenant's departure, after deducting the amounts the tenant is responsible for in terms of cleaning, repairs, and various damages. The amount of these deductions must be duly justified by the owner, such as quotes, invoices, etc. If the security deposit is found to be insufficient, the tenant agrees to complete the amount based on the justifications provided by the owner.

Use of the Premises: The tenant will enjoy the rental peacefully and make good use of it, in accordance with the purpose of the premises. Upon departure, the tenant agrees to return the rental as clean as they found it upon arrival. All inventory items must be returned to their original place upon entry. The rental may not, under any circumstances, benefit third parties, except with the prior agreement of the owner. Subleasing is prohibited, under any pretext, even free of charge, under penalty of contract termination. The rented premises are for temporary or vacation use, excluding any professional, commercial, or artisanal activity. The owner will provide the accommodation as described and will maintain it in working order.

Special Case: The number of tenants may not exceed the accommodation capacity indicated in the contract, except with the owner's agreement. In this case, the owner is entitled to charge an additional fee, which must be communicated in advance in the rental contract.

Inventory and Condition Report: An inventory will be provided at the accommodation, and it must be checked upon arrival. The tenant has 24 hours to report any anomalies to the owner. If the owner notices damages after the tenant's departure, they must inform the tenant within 48 hours. A room-by-room condition report would take too much time and energy during your stay. In the event of a reported anomaly, the tenant has 24 hours to inform the owner.

Cancellation Conditions: Any cancellation must be notified by registered letter or telegram. If the cancellation occurs within 60 days before entry, the owner will refund the full amount of the paid deposit within 30 days. If the cancellation occurs within 30 days before entry, the owner retains the entire amount of the paid deposit. However, the tenant has the option to reschedule the rental for another date and reuse the already paid deposit, provided that this rescheduling takes place within the current year, unless agreed upon by the owner. In case of contract termination by the owner before entry, the owner will refund the received deposit to the tenant.

Interruption of Stay: In the event of an early interruption of the stay by the tenant, no refund will be made, except for the security deposit. In case of force majeure, if the tenant justifies serious reasons, the impossibility of continuing the stay, the contract is automatically terminated, and the amount of rent paid will be refunded pro rata to the remaining duration of the occupancy.

Insurance: The tenant is required to insure the premises entrusted to them. Check if their main housing contract provides for the extension of coverage for vacation rentals. If not, the tenant must contact their insurance company to request an extension or take out a specific contract under the "vacation" clause.